Water walking is pretty much what it sounds, you walk on water, with the aid of a Waterball /Water Walker. In essence these are an inflatable sphere which is air tight. The Waterball or Water Walker is inflated with the user inside and once fully inflated the user can proceed with the water walking activity.

Our Waterballz and Water walkerz are fitted with intergrated zipper covers for the protection of the zipper and user.  Our Waterballz are also produced with dual anchor points for secure rope attacment. There are 2 grab handles, one either side of the zipper which are for secure holding only and should not be used for maneuvering. The zipper is heat seam sealed to our Waterballs for the soundest of seals ensuring the Waterball is air and water tight. The zippers themselves are the German T-Zippers which are used for deep sea diving suits, ensuring the Waterball is air & water tight to the highest of standards. The inflatable waterballs are produced in two material grades being PVC & TPU, we have a waterball for every budget. We have many high profile clients and references can be supplied on request.


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